About us

The CASTEL group was established in 1981 as a major player in the real estate sector in Luxembourg and the surrounding region. CASTEL has over eighty multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual employees who offer a whole range of skills associated with the real estate sector:


The purchase or rental of property often demands specific knowledge and skills. CASTEL IMMOBILIER is able to offer a preselection of properties in this context to suit your deadlines and requirements and can support you in all the necessary procedures. 

A key stage in the sales process is estimating the value of your property. We offer our skills in estimating your property value based on our in-depth knowledge of the market in order to determine as precise a value as possible.


Backed by over thirty years of experience, our team of professionals is able to respond quickly to client’s requests concerning the day-to-day management of their property. The tasks of the management agent include looking after the interests of co-owners, administering and maintaining shared areas, ensuring that the decisions made by co-owners at general meetings are implemented, keeping transparent accounts for the residences and reporting to the co-owners.

As an institutional owner, a private owner of buildings or one or more residential properties intended for rent, you will need to be able to rely on a regular, optimised rental income. CASTEL GERANCE offers a rigorous, effective, transparent management service for all kinds of property from residential buildings to commercial premises, villas and apartments.


Our team of architects and engineers will support you in the development and implementation of all your real estate projects. Whether you require renovation work, the transformation of an apartment or house or the alteration of an office area, CASTEL SERVICES is able to provide: 

  • design services (consideration of requirements, development of a preliminary project, detailed project, choice of colours and materials, etc.) ;
  • coordination and management of general contracting work within the framework of a perfectly controlled SCHEDULE and BUDGET.

We guarantee the perfect completion of all your projects right up to the final acceptance stage.

CASTEL ASSURANCES, in cooperation with the FOYER group, offers a complete range of insurance products and guarantees adapted for both private and professional clients which apply to tenants and owners alike. We will do our utmost to provide you with a local service combining experience with rapid management activities whilst offering a special advisory service at a reasonable price.